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Welcome To Call 4 Creativity

C4C is designed to give creative individuals and organizations a sought after collaborative space and creative outlet. C4C will be THE site where those looking for the latest, freshest and most innovative creations will come to search, find and possibly engage the creators!  Visit "about" at the top of the page for our mission statement.

  • Organizations:

    We are offering your organization a place in our online community where your organization can exchange links with other organizations, individuals can ask to join your organization, you can post articles and advertise your events and calls for creative entries.  Your members can post audio, video and image links to their creative work.  We also provide you with a bulletin board feature to allow easy communication with your members.

    Organizational Members can leverage our investment to provide added value to their memberships, attract new membership and attention through our collaborative online marketing programs, use C4C for greater marketing focus through link exchange, articles, and access marketing and organizational resources provided by outside arts professionals to C4C. You will also have the opportunity to purchase advertisements on our site.

  • Creative Categories:

    There is no limit on the number of creative categories.  If we missed your creative calling or you are in a sub category not included, let us know and we will add a new categroy or sub category for you.  Call for Creativity is an online community of inclusion not exclusion.


    C4C provides its partners with unlimited space to post creative listings. For instance, if you are an artist, post as much of your art as you wish; if your are an author, post your book or article.


    If you are looking for entries into an event, such as a film festival or are searching for authors who write on a particular subject, or you are looking for an event to enter you work, or you have a question about a creative process or just need to talk to people who share your interests, you can post a call for creativity or set up a conference call. It is all here and available to you.